How to quickly increase gaming skill in LoL

League of Legends have so much various aspects that you could easily get confused, especially if you will try to understand them all by yourself. Within no time you will realize that the season is close to it’s end, and your ranked position is a lot lower than you wanted. So you need to increase your gaming skills in the shortest time, of course, there is a second option – Elo boosting, but it will solve your problem only temporary. If you selected second option. then you probably want to use Boosteria Service because they offer a cheap and fastest elo boost.


But if you want to increase your gaming skills you need to focus on the next points and obtain a clearly knowledge about each of them:

  1. Focus on the champion pool you will play. You will never be able to play great on all LoL champions, so you need to create a personal pool of champions, and play only on them to increase your skill.
  2. Do not focus on teammates. Yes it is a game that is focused on a teamplay, but you need to stay focused, especially on the laning stage.
  3. Focus on the map objectives. Farming is not a map objective, remember that if your team is gathering up for a dragon (or any other important map objective) then you need to stop all other actions and unite with them.

As i said before, the process of improving your skill level in LoL requires a lot of work and continuously repetitions, so follow the tips above and you will see how quickly your game understanding is increasing.

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